Introducing e-Sports at the School level

The Dialog Gaming Inter School e-Sports Championship (ISEC), organized by Gamer.LK and powered by Dialog Gaming will be held on 24th, 25th September 2016 at Trace - Expert City, Colombo.

This tournament is open only to students currently enrolled in any Government (National, Provincial, etc) or Non-government (Private and International) schools.

How To Get To THe Venue

Gaming Titles

The following gaming titles will be open for registration. Hover over each game to find the rules.


Updates from Dialog Gaming Inter School e-Sports Championship 2016

The draws (game brackets) for the team games can be found below. Click on the bracket to view an enlarged version. The draws for single player games (FIFA 16 and Project Cars) will be updated after 10:00 a.m. on 24 Sept. Stay tuned to this space for live updates.



Dialog Gaming MSI Readme Elektro Revo Pruve


Some frequently asked questions

Where is this event held? How do we get there?
This will be held at Bay 7 at Trace - Expert City in Maradana, Colombo. Please click here for the map and complete directions.

I got to Trace - Expert City or I am close by. How do I get to Bay 7 inside Trace - Expert City?
Bay 7 is located in the center of the venue. Please follow this map here for complete directions inside the venue.

Who can take part in this?
Only students from any Government (National, Provincial, etc) or Non-government (Private and International) schools, can take part in this tournament.

Do you have to be a current student to take part?
Yes. You should have a valid Student ID or some sort of identification to prove that you are a current student of the School.

My School doesn't issue a School ID or my School ID is lost. What do I do?
You will need some sort of identification document certifying that you are a current student of the School you wish to represent. A Student Record Book or something similar can also be sufficient. Please message the Gamer.LK Facebook Page to clarify.

We have mutliple teams/players who want to participate from our school. What do we do?
You may register any number of teams/players from your school. We have limited slots available for the multiplayer games (COD4, Dota 2, CS:GO) and they will be selected by the Organizers and informed by the 22nd of September.

Can one student take part in multiple games?
Yes, there are no limitations on that.

Can students from multiple branches from the same School combine to form a team?
Yes that is possible! However they will need to choose one branch to represent themselves from.

I just finished my Advanced Levels in 2016. Can I take part?
Yes. Students that completed their Advanced Levels in 2016 are allowed to take part.

I took part in the University/Mercantile eSports tournament organized by Gamer.LK, can I take part in ISEC?
No. If you have already represented an Institute/corporate entity at either the University eSports Championship or the Mercantile eSports Championship, you cannot take part in ISEC.

How is the winning School chosen?
Winners are deteremined based on points assigned for each place a School wins in each title.

  • 1st Place - 3 points
  • 2nd Place - 2 points
  • 3rd Place - 1 point
Each title that a School wins means points are accumulated to that School, i.e - the more titles a School takes part and places in, the better chance they have of being the Champions of Dialog Gaming Inter School e-Sports Championship 2016!

Game Design & Dev


Gamer.LK is proud to present the second Game Design & Dev Workshop to be held alongside the Inter School eSports Championship, as a means to initiate and provide a platform to empower game developers, designers and enthusiasts to enhance their capabilities and endeavour in a successful life career in the industry.

Limited to students currently enrolled in any Government (National, Provincial, etc) or Non-government (Private and International) schools who are interested in Game Design & Development or related fields. REGISTRATION IS COMPLETELY FREE!


Follow the Event Page here.

Register for Game Design & Dev Workshop here.

Get In Touch

Contact the Organizers

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Gamer.LK is the pioneer Sri Lankan gaming and e-Sports community, to bring together gamers of the country and promote e-Sports as a viable sport of the future in Sri Lanka. Established in 2007, Gamer.LK hosts the largest e-Sports, Gaming and Digital Entertainment exhibitions in Sri Lanka.